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Personalised Santa Claus Letters and Certificate Samples
Ho Ho Ho Verity

Well Christmas is almost here and I bet you are looking forward to getting some presents from me. I know that you would especially like a One Direction Swapwatch for Christmas and the elves are working very hard to get all the presents finished on time. I have heard that you have been extra good for somebody who is 9 years old so very well done. I hope you can continue being good next year too.

Evergreen Elf has reported back that you have been very busy recently:

- going to Brownies every week
- swimming on a Saturday with your little sister Jessica and your Dad
- receiving an award at school for ‘Work of the Week’

Well done Verity, keep up the good work! You make your Mum, Sarah very, very proud! Oh dear, Comet and Blitzen are playing up again because they are becoming very impatient for Christmas to arrive. They are looking forward to you leaving them a nice big carrot, and I am looking forward to my mince pie and a glass of wine, but please only leave me a small mince pie because if I get too fat I won’t be able to fit in the sleigh Ho Ho Ho.

Mrs Claus is shining Rudolph’s nose so we can see where we are going, but he isn’t too happy with that as all the other reindeer laugh at him.

He keeps hiding in the snow which is very deep here at the moment but Mrs Claus likes the snow so she is happy.

Well young lady I will be flying over Kirkcaldy on Christmas Eve so I’ll make sure you and your best friend Isabel receive your presents, but only if you go to sleep early.

Your good friend

Santas Signature
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